Facebook apps are very easy to add to your profile. Your friends invite you to some. Marketers want you to like them and get specials. Maybe you saw an ad and thought that's cool, I will sign up.

Well, I was shocked at how many apps I had activated in my account. Most of them I recognized, but some I didn't. Others I had a vague recollection of using many years ago.

It all started when I switched from AWeber to MailChimp for my email program. I wanted to hook up my emails to post on Facebook automatically. MailChimp makes this real easy, but the problem was I had a bunch of test apps, and developer apps so it took a while to find my "real" account.

This isn't a problem with fan pages and groups since they show up with your name. The problem was with the developer apps. They all show, Jon Griffin.

While searching for the way to delete or rename those, I stumbled upon a page I never check. It was the apps page under settings. I clicked it ans was surprised at just how many apps I had signed up for. I just started deleting the ones I wasn't using. It probably doesn't matter much, but it should make your timeline cleaner since you wont' be seeing ads and news from apps you don't care about anymore.

Submitted by tresero on Tue, 06/26/2018 - 13:55