Have you ever heard something you knew was something you needed to implement right away? Of course you have, and I have as well.
One of those aha moments was at the Las Vegas Wealth Seminar.

James Jones was doing his presentation and he showed us his promotional calendar (I call it a marketing calendar). He answered that he had a monthly promotional planner and proceeded to show us an example. Everyone should have a marketing calendar, and if you have more than one project going, you definitely need one. Instead of getting some fancy program, why not use what you probably already have -- Google Calendar.

What To Put On The Calendar

You can add whatever you want, but in general I want recurring events, not specifics. Those of you with many sites to promote may just use a generic calendar, but I have separate calendars for all the sites I actively promote (i.e. not autoblogs). If you have specific products, add them and any dates like pre-launch, launch, etc. You can just have a generic event like create $5 product and recur when you want, simply change the name of that instance when you know what the exact product is.

I think you will find that having a marketing calendar will really help you stay focused. You can view it online as well as printing a copy. You never have to wonder what needs to be done, and if you outsource you can easily keep your outsourcing team busy with current and apropos work.

Submitted by tresero on Wed, 06/27/2018 - 13:52