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Are you overwhelmed with social media marketing? Not sure where to start? Having trouble keeping up with your campaigns?
Well if FaceBook and Twitter weren't enough, I want to introduce you to a few more social media sites. Don't worry though, one of them will actually help you organize your social media campaigns and the other 2 are alternative sites you may know about, but have never thought of using as social media.

Amanda DiSilvestro  writing on Marketing For Success goes into more depth on these sites:

Most PR gurus and journalism know-hows are aware that Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media networks that yield big results.
If you were ever to watch a social media expert navigate their way around all the different social networks and blogs you may very well find yourself lost.
All of these different outlets can be… connected in some way, making social media work somewhat of an art.
For example, it is possible to stumble a podcast and follow an article, then dig that article and then re-tweet an article you found on someone else’s Facebook wall. Sound like a foreign language?
Fortunately, it is not entirely necessary for your startup company or small business to hire someone with a lot of social media experience in order to reap some of the benefits.
Social media is a free tool that will help get your company name recognized as well as get information about your company across the web, so being afraid of anything but Facebook and Twitter is not a good option.
If you know the basics of some of the other social media outlets available, you can become as savvy as you need to be until your company grows large enough to hire someone to take care of your marketing efforts. One tip: get used to new verbs like Facebook, Digg, Stumble, and Tweet.
If you are new to the social media scent, there are three up-and-coming social networks that are continuing to grow: StumbleUpon, Dimbler, Digg.
1. StumbleUpon
How It Works for Users: StumbleUpon is quickly becoming known amongst marketing departments across the nation growing to 15 million users and counting. When users set up an account they select a few of their interests, and then stumble upon finds websites that may interest you based on not only what you enjoy, but what your friends and other, similar “stumblers” recommend.
How It Works for Your Company: Being that this site is all about recommendations, you will obviously want your website to be recommended as much as possible. A great way to do this is to add a StumbleUpon icon on your home page so that when visitors do visit, they can stumble your website to friends or like-minded stumblers.
Once you get enough stumbles, your website will start to show up on potential visitors pages automatically.
2. Digg
Digg works very similarly to StumbleUpon except it focuses more on articles as opposed to websites. There will be a section called “My News” on the Digg website that users can click on to find content that has a lot of popularity amongst the people they follow as well as the Digg community as a whole. As a company, you will want to have a Digg button after each article you send out so that your popularity will increase.
3. Dimbler
This social media outlet is the perfect place to share specific content you or your company has written. At times, tweeting, digging, and stumbling can get exhausting.
This website is a great tool to use when you have a piece of content you really want to share. Go to Dimbler first, and click “submit.” This will send you to a page where you can digg, stumble, tweet, and Facebook a specific piece of content all in one foul swoop.
Once you go onto the website you can simply click on “create an account” and in just a few minutes you’ll be ready to Digg and Stumble as much as you wish.
All three websites do a great job of walking you through how to use their features, and they will certainly help your marketing campaign when it comes time to really get your name out there on the web.
Continue to Facebook and Tweet special promotions or good content your company may be producing, but consider tapping into these new social networks – your company will seem in control and up on the latest marketing tactics.

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